28 July 2008

Music in Mind and Body

Music and Dance have been a gift to my life ever since I can remember. I began dancing at the age of 3 1/2 years old. And from the moment I heard my very first piece of music, and performed my very first shuffle ball change, I knew the difference it was making in my life. It brought a peace, love, and joy to my inner being as well as a self- worth and confidence that have helped me in so many other goals and dreams I have achieved throughout my life

Not only by listing to the sounds and rhythm's of each music, and melody presented to me, but through share willingness and determination to execute these steps and techniques, accurately, even though my body had a physical impairment and challenge of Cerebral Palsy, did I, or was I able to weep and see not only me developing my abilities, but conquering the challenges before me.

These daily and weekly lesson's brought to my body, mind, and soul something I have carried with me all these years later. It all began way back when. But before anyone knew what positive affects and effect's it would have on a persons spirit and life, let alone a person with a physical disability or learning disability - I knew the benefits it gave me.

I know how music, and dance have straighten my body, brought peace to my heart, and helped me to develop my coordination and so many other things the experts talk about today.

I am only me. I may not have financially been able to conquer my education, or get or be given a degree, because of some knowledgeable person who tried to dictate what they wanted for my life. But I have soared, attained, and accomplished goals in my life, without this piece of paper; they call a degree and I am an expert in my own right.

I know more through personal experience than most book learned people;. I know first hand how music and dance have helped me. It has not only been physically, but it helped me with my learning and with my thought processes as well.

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  1. Yes, you are definitely an expert in your own life and ways, and even without a "piece of degree", you could still reach out and educate people about LD.

    You could still raise and spread awareness about LD and at the same time share a piece of yourself. I am sure you'd be able to gain a strong following