27 July 2008

Getting Around A System That Doesn't Work

Dear Readers, how awful is this! I got to thinking today how every aspect of a disabled or special needs person's life is scrutinized by Helpful Expert who assume God like powers over our goals, our dreams, our thoughts, our abilities, including our wishes to have a livelihood of our own. How dare they step in front of us and block the way of our natural flow. Everything from a career choice, to how we put on our shoes and socks. Better yet, how we even go to the bathroom, is subject to morbid interest and thorough examination. It is critical, meticulous and malicious. Yet, they seem to pull it off.

Our genuine desires as human beings, to led happy, productive lives is intentionality disregarded as they fail to consider our expression of success and happiness. We are never really taken into real consideration. Even if we have some kind of challenge, as a disabled person, our desires to attain our goals or degrees, aught to be recognized and respected. Even if it is just going into work. It would be a joy to have a say so in our destination which society pays no attention or heed to.

This infuriates me to no end, as time, and time, and time again, I have strived, and attempted, and fought for every ounce and every bloody achievement that I have made today. These years of fighting with a system that does not see us as worthy to listen to, have indeed left their scars.

If only our struggles were given the same importance as other suppressed people, it would make life a whole lot easier. Instead, precious years have been frittered and thrown away, down right wasted, trying to get around artificial barrier's of the worst kind. My dear friends, this struggle is often hidden from people who do not experience it directly, but is no less real.

If I can bring this idea into your heart's and minds then my life long work and struggle has been worth the while.

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