26 July 2008


It helps to move through a situation at hand, however, sometimes if you can't, if one is willing, like I have been all my life, it may take years, and years, and years in a particular area in order to have a break through or healing. Sometimes I think my issue will never end, or that I won't be healed! It is a wound that keeps coming back time and time again. No matter how deep I dig to release this from my being, it's still there! It haunts me like a ghost! And then, suddenly, I am lead to someone else or lead towards a whole new direction and action in my life to take. All I find I need to have is an open mind and a willingness that never quits!!!!!

One of the on-going challenges I've been experiencing has physically gone on for the last 35 years. I don't like to talk about this much, because I've worked on it for so long I am hear to tell you that I am still alive and ticking and getting to the root cause. I have learned to cope and accept my allergies to all the different food I have. I will continue on, because I must! I will seek more, and research more, and reach out to those Doctors who I think might be able to help further! You see, in the last 5 years my body has been reacting violently to foods and not getting the nutrient to what I eat.

I have been working with the best Naturopathic Doctor's around. And Monday, I will be going to see a new Homeopathic Doctor. These challenges have been far more heart wrenching than my Cerebral Palsy and Learning Disability. When I begin to think about this for a minute, it is very painful, it is more painful, and up there emotionally with fighting for my life and my education with my Civil Rights Case, or trying to prove to the world that I am a capable person in doing anything I put my mind towards doing!

But I will survive and get through this just like everything else! I really will!

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