30 July 2008


In the last few weeks, since I have written, I have learned much again about people in general and human nature. Once again, I find that this world we live in today, is very selfish. People are only out for their own selfish self, and that it is a dog-eat-dog world. The government does not recognize you. People tend to look the opposite way, or pat you on the head if you are young. If you shake or tremble they think you are drunk. And then there are those, who yes you, to your face, tell you what you want to hear, but never are they really willing to give of themselves and go the distance for you or give you a break, or lend you a kind hand.

I'm here to tell you that there is a hand full of us who have Cerebral Palsy or a learning disability who's paralyzes is very slight or mild. We are the exceptions. We will do anything, and go to ANY lengths to be accountable, responsible, ethical, earnest, and answer up to our actions, need, wants, and desires. We will put ourselves right out their on the line. We will tell people how we feel, we will be honest and truthful, and we will get slapped in the face and rejected because of it! People just don't want to own up or be accountable to US! The norm is just not that way. They want little or nothing to do with us. They want their fee's, but when you ask for yourself... well, they want you to do it for nothing!

For those of us like myself, how are we, then, suppose to make it in society? How are we truly suppose to support ourselves? How are we to get along in a world when we won't be treated as an equal? I ask you? It's getting worse and worse out there. The economy is not getting ANY better, politicians are out for their own political agenda. And, if the government doesn't care, and they keep cutting our benefits, as well as our yearly Social Security cost of living increases. By their actions, they are telling us with disabilities, that we are not important or mean anything to society. They don't care enough to recognize us, our talent, or our abilities, and they frown upon anyone who does...how is it then, that they are really giving us a so called chance. Where is the real compassion to be accountable to help those who are desperately trying to help themselves.

We try so hard to do everything possible to walk, beyond what we've known to make a new and better life for ourselves, and, yet, repeatedly, we are hit down with a sledge hammer to keep us in the same place and predicament we have known from the get go.

All I know is that I am getting a very thick coat and armour, I also know that I personally would give my right, good, arm to help someone who needed it; weather they had the money or not. I would help them feel worthy and have the self-confidence and worth in their heart and soul of succeeding.

I must be honest with all of you when I say this really hurts and breaks my heart

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  1. At some point in peoples lives, I know most people would have felt the same way, but they fear to act knowing that they are alone. A strong movement would gather this people I suppose. I heard about the Young Entrepreneur Society and went to www.YoungEntrepreneurSociety.com they have related info on accountability.