24 July 2008

My first scan

A few days after doing pregnancy test, I telephoned a good friend of mine. After some discussion, we decided to get the pregnancy confirmed at a Family Planning Clinic attached to a local hospital. We went along one evening with a urine sample, and sure enough I was pregnant. I was then referred to an Obstetrician at the attached hospital. My first appointment was to meet the Obstetrician, and have my first scan. The Obstetrician scanned my tummy for a few minutes, then announced I was expecting twins. To say I was shocked, is an understatement, I was absolutely speechless. For a first spontaneous pregnancy to be twins, is unbelievable when your first told. The Obstetrician was astonished herself, but to my surprise was open minded about the situation. She mentioned in order for me to carry twins, I would probably spend most of the pregnancy in hospital for close monitoring. I was fully prepared to do what was best.

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