13 July 2008

Newport Bridge

Newport Bridge is one of Teesside's most famous landmarks An impressive piece of engineering, it was built by local company Dorman Long (who also constructed the Sydney Harbour and Tyne Bridges) and was opened in 1934. It was the first vertical lift bridge in Britain and the largest of its type in the world – it could be lifted 90 feet, giving a clearance of 120 feet at high water. Iy spans the River Tees a short distance upriver from Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, linking Middlesbrough with the borough of Stockton-on-Tees.

With the planned construction of the Tees Barrage heavy river traffic all but ceased and the decision was taken to seal the lifting span. The bridge was ceremoniously raised and lowered for the last time in an informal ceremony on the 18th November 1990, this time with scores of people enjoying the ride. The span was subsequently bolted down.

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