23 July 2008

A Growing Day

Today was a day full of challenges.  A day full of speaking up for myself, and a day trying to get my thoughts and feeling across to others.   It was a day packed with punch; as I dealt with difficult personalities while explaining my perception and situations as they occured.

Even though it was very stressful, I was able to give to others in a kind and gentle way. I was able to give hope, and I was able to share from my heart that they are not alone in there feelings. I was able to come through this day feeling grateful, and thankful.  I was also very grateful I had someone special to listen to me and my feelings so I could let them go.

You know, at times it's not easy trying to speak up for yourself, being heard, respected, or treated equally. One has to learn to accept others and be willing to agree to diagree and let be what needs to be.  Especially when you act, and do things just like any other person in this world, but your physical body looks different than the norm- because you have C. P. since 5 months old, and an invisable learning disability, that as much as you try to educate and explain to others, they just don't ever get

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