23 July 2008

What Does it Feel Like?

After Living a life with a physical disability of Cerebral Palsy, and a learning disability, dyslexia I realize many things. First I realize how I have gone the extra mile in everything I have done and accomplished in my life. Secondly, I've learned about being labelled, fighting the system, and coming out a winner with more self-worth, self confidence, and dignity to keep on keeping on

I have had people show me their BIOS and prejudice; attitudes, and I have reasoned and maneuvered around, about, and above all the insensitivity's of human nature. I did not let people, places or things put there mark or classification on me! I left them with a mark! I left them with the teaching and knowledge: that I am like everyone else in this world. I may have C.P. and a slight inconvenience, but I am just like you! I have also instructed and imparted, by my deeds and words to be treated with dignity and respect. I have taught and educated by the path that I have taken. I have not only been assertive, but through my own tolerance, love, sincerity, kindness, and determination to light up and wake up this world. Through my actions, I have climbed the highest mountain. And I will continue to climb! I will not sit back and lethargically let people step over me any time they wish. I will teach by being me, compassion for all!


  1. I can only imagine that it feels like you are in a goldfish bowl at time feeling like you are swimming around in circles trying to make sure that you get the support you need,

    I came across an article about a medical student, who is trying to do exactly what you are in that shes trying to get the GMC to make changes:

    Dyslexic student in legal bid to scrap multiple choice tests

    « Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryPublished Date: 30 July 2008
    By Lindsay McIntosh
    A DYSLEXIC medical student has launched a legal battle to stop sufferers of the condition being forced to sit "discriminatory" multiple choice exams.

    Naomi Gadian claims she has had to resit some of her courses because she cannot deal with the way they are set.

    Now she plans to take action against the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in PlymoutADVERTISEMENT h, where she studies, under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

    The 21-year-old, from Manchester, said: "In normal life, you don't get multiple choice questions. Your patients aren't going to ask, 'Here's an option and four answers. Which one is right?'"

    Her solicitor, John MacKenzie, said legal action was in its early stages and no date or venue had been set for a tribunal hearing.

    He said Ms Gadian's college mainly used multiple choice questions for assessments of medical students, which was placing her at a disadvantage.

    "Naomi is very bright, dedicated and hardworking," he said. "She also has a form of dyslexia which means she has difficulty with multiple choice questions."

    But the GMC said exams were controlled by individual colleges. A spokeswoman added: "The GMC does not prescribe the reasonable adjustments that should be made by medical schools with respect to students with disabilities and has no statutory power to do so.

    "However, we have recently issued new guidance for medical schools, which outlines ideas and offers practical advice to help them put adjustments in place to improve the accessibility of medical education for students with disabilities."

    A spokesman from Miss Gadian's college, which is part of the University of Exeter, said that a number of students suffering from dyslexia had already graduated.

    He said: "Our ultimate responsibility is to produce doctors of the highest quality who are fit for practice, and any reasonable adjustments we have made for students with dyslexia reflect this objective."

    Sue Flohr, of the British Dyslexic Association, said the organisation had produced guidelines for employers, including avoiding multiple choice questions which could be "discriminatory for dyslexic candidates".

  2. Yes,Susie, and if people who had a foot in the door, and were willing and could help others like myself get ahead; perhaps with guidence and direction we could open up even more doors and new pathways to helping all that want it. Perhaps these acts of kindness would bring about a kinder more gentler, community and world.

    I would love you to enter these comments onto my site as well, along with this information so that we together can close the gap. This way, if people are looking for this information, it is there for them to read; or, we can be guiding lights dirrecting them personnally, in the way they need it- or, to me, my website, and email address directly.