23 July 2008

Why Can't People Understand

Today was another power punching day of more realization and lesson learning. I wanted to write to make time to release and let go of all the things that took place in my day. I ponder my soul in wonderment of why people cannot understand what those who have learning disabilities or physical disabilities go through to try and fit in to life and society.

We work 10 times harder to fit in, in order to make some kind of normalcy of our life. We do this for ourselves, just to be included in the community of our world just to be and feel like normal people who fit in If man-kind only knew!

If they only new the effort we put forth! If only they knew inwardly what we go through daily, if they could feel what we feel what we feel every day of our lives.

If they had to cope and deal with the challenges we have before us, with our disabilities, and tried to put forth the effort we do, on a daily basis physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I don't think they could handle it!I don't think they could or would be able to keep up the brave front.  I don't think they could constantly keep smiling. I don't think they could handle the inner emotions we go through I really personally don't think they could last very long!

What do you think I pose this question to all of you reading this entry.

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