26 July 2008

My Personal Battle!

This morning I received the nicest complement a person could get! It was from a new friend I just met on line. A very sweet soul who came into my life with angel wings! She not only is giving me her support, but has put one of my writings up on her blog. How sweet is that- and oh how I appreciate her love, devotion, and kindness!

The truth is, that ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about getting my life, together, whatever that is lol, and giving more that 150 percent to it, in everything I do. I don't know any other way. Whether its dealing with a physical therapy issue, a learning issue, an inclusion issue, an employment issue, what ever the issue was, I have always, always walked the line! No matter what I have had to deal with, I have always spoken the truth, and given everyone my all. Whether they would expect it or not. I paid the consequences too!

More times than not, the people I confronted, could not handle the truth. Yet I was canned in the way they decided. Most people could not, and did not know how to cope with the issue or situation at hand or with me personally! They liked to tastefully turn the tables, put me on the defensive, and make me out to be the bad guy! And I, I only want to see good for the world, I only want peace and harmony for others, and I only want to share with the world if I could do it, so could you! I don't want favours, and charity! I don't want to be treated any differently just because I have a physical disability or a learning disability. I may need some help. And I will ask, if I do! As there is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for those accommodations and in turn, receiving them, fulfilled. And giving it your all! There is nothing wrong in having the same desires as others! We are all human! Aren't we? Why then should we be looked at any differently?

I do not think society ever dealt with a human being just like me before! A free spirit, a rebel with a cause, a person who has hope, dreams and desires, and what’s to help others not have to go through what I had to go through! And to see those dreams accomplished. I am a person who is willing to go the extra mile, who is willing to take on the system, to not only see equality for herself, but equity for others! I want to see and bare witness to fairness. I want to bare witness to justice being made for my kind. It doesn't matter to me what your disability is lets learn to help each other and work in unison. One for all,... and... all for one This way all of us can have an opportunity and chance to have our wants, needs, and dreams met.

We are not animals to be lock in cages. We are not extra ammunition or surplus to be shot rounds at. And, we are not criminals! We are human beings desiring the same things in life that NORMAL; people have a chance at daily. So why can't we! We do not deserve this kind of treatment. We are people who want to succeed in our lives We want to see our hard deserved action recognized We want our words to be taken seriously, and we to want to be praised and validated- we want other to recognize our achievement without being locked out of the mainstream of life! We want our lives to have meaning too!

We don't want to just sit at home day in or day out, and stare at the four walls because we were blocked, conveniently, from earning a living, or getting a degree that we could have gotten if those professionals who call themselves professionals did not stand in our way, or label us, or made a unsound ruling and judgment just because we are shrouded with an imperfect body, or mind... this does not give anybody the right to look down upon us, or judge us.


  1. I think most people with disabilities are striving for this same "objective" too. To be treated just like any other "normal" walking person.

    In fact, a friend of mine, Peter, contributed an article on this issue during my Blogathon, which can be read here -- http://thegivinghands.org/2007/07/peter-tan/

  2. Karen Lynn is my best friend and mentor. She has spoken to my history class at Kean University, about her sucuessful lawsuit which led to the foundation for the mainstreaming movement and the American's with disabilty act.
    She is a funny, sharp, heroic woman, who has fought 1000 battles with grace and wit.

  3. Hi Karen,
    I can empathise with your views and issues, about how society tries to govern our lives. As a person with CP myself. Everything I do in life involves a fight to acheive a desired result. Or I am a test case, because I fail to conform to a set of structured guidlines on disability, put in place by narrow minded authorities. We are individuals, who want a home fit for Royals, a job with a six figure salary, a gorgeous partner and beautiful children. Not much to ask for, is it, lol. Oh my god! I forgot, I not meant to think like that, because I dis-abled! Keep fighting on Karen, I'm there with you.

  4. Hi Tracy and Karen,

    I have to say I agree with you both, society wrong dictates to us what we can and can't do, all I want in life is to be part of a normal society, but this then begs the question as to what is normal, I want the perfect job with the perfect finacial support, but like you say Tracy we have to do and think the way we do because we have labels on our heads that say I am disabled.

    I like many disabled people have fought for my whole life and still doing so to prove to the non disabled world that I CAN do the same as YOU.

    It crosses my mind in fact what would we do if we didn't have to fight???

  5. Thank you so must for your support and entries!!!

    We must first want to stand together and make our voices heard. WE must stand in unison, speak out, and truly help one another to succeed in the dream of our choices. We know and we have ALWAYS known that it is NOT what the goverment or others decide for us! It is in what our decision is that counts and that will change our world and lives-

    I am so glad I joined you hear Susie:>)this is truly a good thing! And Tracy,thank you, too! Your words were totally felt.

    Its a nice feeling to know, there are others out there like myself who fight everyday, in every way with every breath- That I am not alone.

    That is why we must stand united and help each other no matter what our disability is. And if there is someone we know, that can help or something we can do to make another person's life sweeter and eaiser, than we do it...

    We must continue to reach out and shed light and hope in anyway that we can.

    Together, we can change this world-
    Together we can make a huge difference and impact, and, together, we can give back to a world and be teachers of the universe by being more caring and loving towards all- We can look beyond- if we stop "seeing what's in it for me, or how can it benifit me."

    We must learn to give just for the sake of giving.