30 August 2008

Wii and Cerebral Palsy

Well this week as been a change for me to say the least, I decided to buy myself a Wii after reading an article that in might be good for people with Cerebral Palsy, so I thought I am going to get one as my cousin has one and loves it, and the driver who takes me to work each day has one and he and is family play quite a lot and said that you will be able to do it from your chair.

So off I went to the shop and purchased on with a couple of free games and I have to say I love it and only now after a couple of days my arms are aching!! but I have mastered the baseball, the first time I tried it I missed the ball every time, test of my hand and eye co-ordination, but today I hit the ball every time and got 2 home runs, without leaving my chair.

This morning I tested myself and had ago in standing and I managed quite well and didn't fall, wobbled a bit, but my thinking is the more I play standing the stronger I will get and therefore the Wii is going to help me physically and I am having fun at the same time, in the short time I have had it I am begining to agree with the article

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  1. I have cp also. My sister invited me over to play their we her kids got for Christmas this afternoon and WOW... LOL

    I've not mastered anything yet but I did manage to hit 2 Home Runs in baseball and a Strike in bowling. One thing I learned is that I am much better sitting on the floor to play baseball but am a better bowler standing up. (Though I was absolutely certain I was going to fall on my face).

    And my word... do I ever ache after just two hours of play time today.

    The hardest part for me I think is controlling the cursor... lol I swear it took me forever just to make a Mii.

    I am afraid to play anything but bowling and baseball though. Maybe when I get better control of those two I will be able to move on.