01 August 2008

People's jealousy

Have you ever been in a situation where you were aware that people were threatened by your actions, words, thoughts, and deeds? How did you react or respond to them? How did their subtle behaviour make you feel? When people or co-worker's did that to me, it made me feel terrible! It made me question myself, and it made me feel very upset because I knew I had no motives but to do my job as accurately as I could,( which was pretty darn good) and, do my best. Perhaps my best was better then their best- so they felt threatened!

Many a times, throughout my lifetime, I have been around people who were completely threatened by me, my giving attitude and nature, and my ability to work hard, be accurate, and to stay truthful, honest, and loyal to the company, as well as get my job done.

I guess my one hand was faster then there's! I guess I did everything with my heart, and they could not handle it. If one is not strong enough to handle jealousy, it can be a big deterrent towards working with others successfully. It requires learning to not let other people’s looks, and behaviour's towards you get to you. And that is a skill all of its own- especially if you are disabled.

We are very sensitive, loving, caring, human beings that do not think about maliciously hurting others while working. We just want to fit in! We want to feel like others! We want to feel as though we have a meaning and purpose in this world, and a place to go to and be constructive. We think more about how we can do our job, and get it done. We are not petty, subtle, and contrived. We do not think of how we can hurt or harm others to get ahead in the process.

Some how, experience after experience, living life the best and the fullest we can, we begin to develop a thick enough layer of skin to not let what others say effect us or our ability to work happily and productively. We learn or try to learn one experience at a time to not let people's jealousy get in the way of our usefulness.

Some times are easier then others... And sometimes, they are very difficult! Sometimes its like taking one step forward and 5 steps back. Sometimes we think we are not learning and growing, yet we are. We just don't see it or recognize it! Its all in the way we look at others, learn to interact with others, and how we choose to deal with other people's emotions.

If we all learned to work together, in harmony, and learn to share our feelings constructively, without competition in the for-ground; as our main goal and focus... and learn to support and help each other's in our endeavours, I don't think we would feel the feeling which we do. I think then we could all learn to live together, get along with each other, and get ahead and not be resentful or jealous.

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