15 August 2008

Shopmobility you are a great service!!!!

Well yesterday Mum and I had our first shopping trip together for a long time, we decided that while I was on holiday this week we would try and go to Middlesbrough shopping. The only concern was that Mum cant push her chair very well, so I decide that I would ring Shopmobility up to see if they still did the volunteering side to help people with there shopping, and wow I was in luck!!! So I booked one of there volunteers in advance ready for our shopping trip. I then rang one of my good friends who have a wheelchair accessible taxi and we were off for the day!!!!
It was a little bit hair raising when we got to the car park because we had to go up the ramp and we just to say got under, I thought it was going to get stuck, anyway my friend said oh don’t worry we can go back as a convertible its fine!!!!. We managed to off load ok and headed for the shopmobility shop and I could tell on Mum’s face she felt as though she was free!!! This to me is something to treasure considering what she has gone through. We went into the shop to register with them and wait for the volunteer to arrive and then we were off!! Just as we were going to go out he dashed back to get a bag to go on the back of the chair. I saw mum smile and she said oooo that’s big, plenty of room for the bags!!! , so we were off into the mall and straight into the shops, Mum getting pushed and me whizzing along in my powerchair it was great because we didn’t have to worry about getting stuck or anything, and it was a reassuring feeling that we had someone with us, and I could see mum was relaxed, because the volunteer was really careful and we all had a great laugh and spend loads.

We went to MacDonald’s for dinner and although its big I thought it was a bit of a mistake because it was really busy, but we managed all the same Mum and I found a table and he went and queued for the food and we all sat together and had chat. Then Mum got her second wind so to speak and we were off again. By the time we got back to Shopmobility we had completely filled the bag and more and we had had a great time, and something that we will be doing again soon, now we know we can.

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