11 August 2008

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Changing the Landscape of our Bodies

by Karin Twohig

As a veteran body worker of over 25 years, I have discovered that it is completely possible to change the patterns of our bodies. Bowenwork, a revolutionary healing modality (named in July 2004 as one of “the most innovative body therapies” by O The Oprah Magazine) transforms the landscape of the entire body by reminding us of its original blueprint of perfect health. Bowenwork adjusts tension levels by working through the nervous system and releasing tissue memory that holds the structure restricted or frozen. This allows the structure itself to change its holding patterns that determine what the body landscape looks like.

After 13 years as a deep tissue massage therapist, I discovered that Bowenwork not only could change the body using no force, but could also integrate the information on a deeper level. This has changed my life. Now, 14 years later, I use Bowenwork exclusively and have been teaching it for the past eight years to chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses, massage therapists, MDs and lay people alike.
Tom Bowen developed the unique healing system of Bowenwork in Australia about forty years ago. He developed his technique without having previous formal training in any modality or discipline. He saw his work as “a gift from God.” Bowen continued to develop and refine the technique throughout his lifetime by performing about 13,000 treatments a year.

Bowenwork involves gentle, yet powerful movements on muscle and connective tissue, and may be done through clothing. These movements prompt soft tissue release, sending neurological impulses to the brain. Because the impulses travel through the internal nervous system pathways, they stimulate whole brain responses which address every system in the body—internal organ systems, as well as musculo-skeletal structure.

By selecting appropriate combinations and sequences of moves, the Bowen practitioner is able to address the body as a whole while targeting more specific problems. Healing occurs by affecting the body’s autonomic nervous system, which creates homeostasis at the cellular level.

Pauses are inserted between sets of these moves, which allow the brain to process and send messages to realign the body. It is thought that because the entire brain is stimulated, the original genetic pattern is re-awakened, releasing more recent injuries and compensation patterns even years after the original injury.

Respecting these pauses is an essential component of Bowenwork because they give the body sufficient time to remember and restore its own healthy, natural balance. They also allow the practitioner to work on multiple clients simultaneously. The gentleness of the Bowen Technique protects the therapist from overuse injury, while providing positive results and lasting effects for the client.

Treatments are individualized, generally lasting 60 minutes. Traumas, old injuries and chronic pain begin to unwind. Typically there is rapid change after addressing acute conditions and a steady improvement of chronic conditions. Bowenwork frequently triggers surprising and unexpected recoveries, even when nothing else has been successful.

Often only a few sessions are needed to alleviate long-standing complaints, whether they are structural or functional. Many people choose to have monthly or quarterly maintenance sessions once their initial complaint is addressed. It is ideal to have a session as soon after an injury as possible, before the body begins to compensate.
Dr. Robert Rowen’s Second Opinion Newsletter headlined Bowenwork therapy in July 2003 as “the gentlest, most effective pain therapy ever.” People throughout the world have found lasting relief from lower back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, sprains, knee pain, shoulder restrictions, carpal tunnel, whiplash, migraines, headaches, TMJ, chronic sinus infections, fibromyalgia, chronic stress, neurological and digestive problems and countless other conditions.

Bowenwork is completely safe and appropriate for everyone—from highly trained athletes to newborns, pregnant women, the elderly and the chronically ill. The most common reaction to Bowenwork is a deep sense of overall relaxation, relief from muscular tension and pain, and a heightened sense of well being.

Karin Twohig is a Bowen Practitioner and Instructor. Contact her to learn this unique Australian healing system at 831.238.2228 or visit www.bowenworkschool.com. Or visit the international website of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia www.bowtech.com.

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