19 August 2008

Interview with Author Brandon Ryan

I recently had the chance to interview the Author of The Emotional Struggle recently, and I knew it was going to be an interesting interview in terms of both Brandon and I have similar disabilities and I was intrigued to find out just where he gets his inspiration from to write the profound things he does and below is what we talked about:

Hello Brandon, its nice in meet you and a honour for me to interview you about your emotional struggle I understand you were born with Cerebral Palsy and I know that can effect people in different ways, did you ever feel different to your classmates when you were growing up ?

Brandon yes I did. Its tough when your confide to a wheel chair, watching others run and play and jump. Sometimes you have an entire table to yourself. And kids smile at you, but don't come and sit by you. Please understand that I am not trying to hand anyone a sob story, but rather expose them to life beyond them to life through another's eyes and get them to look at their own lives and struggles.

If so how did you deal with that?

Brandon Honestly, when your young. all you can do is mask the hurt. sure you can do other things. but it does not compare to being able to interact with others your age. and even so in today's world, not having a disability can be hard.

How did /does your parents and family live with your disability ?

Brandon They motivate me to give my all in what I do, they do the best they can everyday to care for me and love me. I oh them a lot, but never will be able to re-pay them.

If you had chance to change your life would you change anything ?

Brandon No, what I went through both past and present has made me who I am today. My life is my life. We all get dealt a certain hand of cards in life. and we can either do what we can with them or we can lay day and die. the choice is ours everyday. When did you realise that you could achieve things? Thats a hard question... As far as myself believing I could achieve anything. It wasn't really towards the end of my school years. When I met my friend Garret, he really showed me what it was like to care for another human being. He loved me without condition, and I believe when a person has this. Something changes inside the soul, not sure exactly what. But it happens. The world is a huge place and it can make one feel small and insignificant. Its hard for people in our generation, everyone feels the need to fit a certain mold or image and when that happens they can achieve anything. And that is not true, never has been and it never will be. The ability to achieve things comes from within yourself, and what this happens. We find truth. We then find out what were made of.

When did you first start writing and what was the first thing your wrote about?

Brandon I started writing my senior year of High School. My english teacher, Mr. Kritina introduced me to poetry and writing and expressing what was inside me. At that time I had a lot of despair and pain inside me that I was not sure what to do with me you know? So the paper was there, I grabbed a pen and started writing everything down that was inside. Good or bad Mr. Kritina believed in me and saw something in me that really saved my life.

Does the books you read inspire you to write or do you get inspiration from another source?

Yes and Yes. Many of the authors I read today inspire me. They teach me how to be a better writer. I have much respect for Patty Kirk who just released her first book called "Confessions of a Amateur Believer". She writes with such beauty. And other sources of inspiration come from music, music feeds certain moods that mike my chapters and blogs come out the way they do.

What made you write a book?

Brandon My mom, HAHAHA! She bugged me about it until one day I was like "Okay, here goes!" Also... You know I really felt like there was not enough being done for some people today who don't feel like life is worth living. I mean, I don't have the answers for everyones pain. But I would like to think that everyone has a voice, and if we don't use it are lives are meaningless you know? Even if my story is not sold in most bookstores is traveled throughout the world. And I believe with all my heart, that The Emotional Struggle is a book that people will keep finding out about for years to come.

Do you have plans for another book?

Brandon Yes I do, that is a question that is asked pretty much everyday. I know a lot of people think my first book is great, but I'm striving for better. More bold, honest, beautiful and poetic. Who knows, maybe the next book will be on a major publishing label and maybe even come out in the next year and a half. (smiles)

What does your family think of your book?

Brandon They love it, although my Mom has not read it yet. She'll need a big box of clean-exes to read it on her own. HAHA

Is writing your ideal profession?

Brandon Actually yes, I love it. For me its a way to release my soul to a world that needs great books. In honesty, if and when I meet a special women and get married. I want the books that I write to be something that my kids could look at and read as a way for me to teach them to live great lives. And the money has been good, that helps!

If you where given a word say “inspiration “ you be able to write something?

Brandon write of the top of my head? No, I'd need to reflect and ponder. Inspiration is a word that everyone uses. And for me, I want to write fresh words for all who are willing to listen.

What does having cerebral palsy mean to you?

Brandon HAHA, I have never been asked that before. But I guess that there is a first time for everything. CP is something that people can't control, of course I didn't ask to have this condition. But my parents believe that if I didn't have CP they would have to bail me out of jail or something... Being that I am very well skilled in Martial Arts, I'd be the hero and save people who got picked on by others. But this is what I was given, and God has really gave me a sense that he has been with me since the very start of time and he held me together when I seem the most broken. So, I'm afraid I don't have a clear answer for your question. I just know that this is the life I was given, and each day is a gift and life is stronger than death, and life is not life is not limited by condition.

Well Brandon, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview and I would like to wish you all the best in the future.

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