15 August 2008

Physio goes to new heights

My Physio sessions seems to be taking me to new heights, following my Bowen therapy I am feeling really good and I cant believe how much more flexible I am, I know that might sound daft when I have a metal rod in my spine but to be honest its as if I don’t have my spine fused because I can move better than I ever have. This week I went back to see my regular physio so that we could have a catch up and a one on one session to see where we were at. At the beginning we had a long discussion about how I was feeling in general and I also talked about how felt concerned still that I was rotating from my pelvis still and that I wasn’t too happy, because I hadn’t rotated since well before my spine op and as a result I was concerned I was doing something wrong.

It actually turned out that the rotation I am experiencing is something quite normal and natural, although my spine is fused from mid to lower the top half is fine and it is that part of my spine that is allowing the movement to happen. I have not experienced this before now because my body has been locked up so therefore no messages were getting through to allow normal movement, and since having Bowen, my body has completely unlocked and my muscles are now functioning as they should of done all the time, so consequently I am now experiencing new body movements and sensations that everyone has when they move there body. I therefore don’t need to worry anymore just accept that its perfectly ok to do what I am doing, and above all enjoy the new experiences it gives me, I have to say it is nice not to be restricted anymore and movement is great!!!

We then went into the gym and I did some strength work on some of the machines and I have to say I haven’t been able to use the machines before because of the high risk of the movements causing a spasm but this time I was working out with the other people in there with the help of my Physio and it felt really good, although she warned me that I might ache and bit a bit sore, but again this is exactly what other people feel when they first go to the gym. I have to say that I do ache a little bit but I am not concerned I just enjoying the freedom.

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