20 August 2008

Law of Attraction

Patience,is a vertue .A smile even though your in pain; is infectious.who knows why I was born with a developmental disability?I do know I struggle without any real solid Government aid ,mostly due to not knowing who or how to navigate the system.I also feel social workers and the system are plagued with a work load by client who want an easier lifestyle. What is a disability? the word means :un-able to do.Very few of us are truly disabled.A better focus should be on one's degree's of ability.I have always worked to support myself mostly taking paycuts to have the job.I also have gone to school to achieve an AA degree in Social Services despite have moderate LD. There is a theory that says one will influence by law of attraction ,what does this mean? I smile ,Iam giving and cooperative but I still am measuredby my not quite average ability which has placed me in an un-equal and psychological depression as to hopelessness and frustration.I have played w/many Stars in my pursuit of my dreams:The late :Waylon Jennings In 82,Mac Wiesman 81,JJ Cale On a Jam in76.I have loved every minute But I still haven't achieved a consistancy in the music field people want "Blonde hair ,Blue eyed and moderately talanted 19 yr. olds.! All I have ever asked for is a ligitamate chance to live my dream and be self sufficient. I will someday meet some one who judges on heart ,and desire and talent . Go after your dreams ! Never Give In or Up.Your Dreams are important too.

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