01 August 2008

Bowen Connections

I had my final session of Bowen this week and now I am having a break from it to be able to go back to my regular physiotherapy. The plan is to see if I can maintain the amazing effects it has had on my body. During the session I explained that following the movement on my coccyx I had experienced a feeling that I can only describe as me being a bottle of lemonade that had been shook and the top been taken off. It was an amazingly strange feeling that lasted a couple of days. He thought that was good because its the one moment that has an effect on the whole body and by was he right, I then went onto explain about the rotation that I mentioned in my last entry, and he thought that might be just my bodies reaction to the new alignment and is ok, he went on to explain that I am slightly different in how I react compare to others, in that with me, there are a lot of things that wont change because that’s the way my body is eg the metal in my spine and my leg that is fused straight, although with me its been a case of sort of striping back the many levels so that body can learn and understand that things are different, and that my body is more aware of the changes and know when I am doing something wrong.
We started off the session as we always do and he said that my back and legs were so amazingly good, that I had been able to maintain the tissue change which is great. As far as he is concerned all the high tone and spascity has gone and my body is moving within normal ranges. This means that my body is the same now as someone who is not disabled; I have to say I agree because I can move so much easily and have no tightness or spasm worries at all. It pleases me no end because it has allowed me to work outside the box in that I am only restricted in the sense of the metal in my back and my leg being straight, other than that I can move within normal ranges and further, without any tonal reactions, and I feel really good. I ask the question whether I had changed since starting this treatment, and the reply was yes you are a totally different person, and if I continue to do the things I am doing that then we have WON the battle!!!!!!!

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