20 August 2008

Believing you are the best: attempt ,adapt and overcome

I remember once somebody told me ,I was a dreamer and reality was I needed to just accept my short comings.I was so pissed I went out and performed for free at a local pub.I was asked back and the owner said "why are you limping?" I have Cerebral palsy" I replied.He feed me. after my gig he took a tip jar and said give this boy a hand with his gear and reach into your wallets ,he's disabled and trying to be self supporting. That was 25 yrs ago and thats what I remember unfortunitly our attitudes have changed the "me" generation has forgotton about being grateful for opportunities ,"Rights" seem to be more important then compassion ,helping someone less fortunate then yourself.We (differentlyabled) can be the voice of change by Networking and getting envolved politcally in both State and Federal bodies. I have been blessed with Cerebral Palsy ,because I am an inspiration to many People some I do not know but have heard from reliable sources. My cd is a good example of goodness of others it was done for free and played on Wolf 97.4 fm in Prince George B C Canada.Faith and getting out there works .Yet sometimes the road gets confusing when your body ,brain doesn't seem to fire properly.I do get tired and all of a sudden !......... I can't remember where I am or my legs start shaking and It can be embarassing when up on stage!!!! but all in all I say all is good when you let people know what you need and want dreams are reality if you are willing to go through the fire to to yourself that you can god bless ,The "California Kidd" "Never give in or UP!"

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