02 August 2008

The Hidden Cost Of Our Cerebral Palsy

We are all aware of the struggles which many people with disabilities undergo. What we may not be aware of, is the unpleasant fact that those of us without cognitive disabilities suffer a hidden cost. This cost is the reality of having to deal with a support system designed to maintain each of us at a subsistence level. Experts simply cannot understand that we are capable of great achievements, given real support. Too often, one set of options is offered. These represent old outmoded ideas.

The system has to be maintained. This means maximum control for "helpful" overseers. I am tired of it! FED-UP, OUTRAGED, and APPULED! There is something very, very wrong about the system which waist time and money trying to do the impossible with those going nowhere, while, ignoring the genuine potential of so many of us. We are treated worse than dirty dish rags! Hit bellow the belt, and patronized beyond words. It is SO SUBTLE and SO DESCREITE that only those that it is being done to see it.

The words "realistic" and "independence" are used to whip our thought process back into line. It is ridiculous that I have spent a life-time having to prove "my rights" to exist! It is also stupid and ridiculous that a student with a master’s degree can’t get PhD funding while people who write about phone sex are considered "cutting edge." What is WRONG with this picture?

It would be far more comfortable to sell out, and spend our lives in front of the squawk box, but I am not going to do that! We are going to soar, speak out, ride the wave, and conquer all. We are not going to let these people in positions control our every move, though, and goal. We are not going to stand back ideally, and let them step and stomp over our breath. We will own our own right to control our own destiny!

We are going to be activists and advocates for ourselves, and show the world that our thoughts, feelings and goals count. We are going to be recognized for what is truly RIGHT and JUST, and, we will be regarded and respected even thought we may have a physical disability. We are going to change the world and how the world see us- We are going to speak out- Yell to the highest mountain top to be heard, and not let these people, "in power" which are our blockade stand in out way- Some how, some way, we will obtain our own destiny! Some how, some way, we will be heard and seen and the road will be made straight for us. We will be accepted and treated the way all men and woman deserve to be treated.


  1. To all who read this comment,I could not agree more I have spastic Cerebral Palsy afffected mobility in legs,alternating stroblimus in eyes,inducting rt.foot.I can walk run and function well but education is a hard nut to crack.There are many forms and degrees of Cerebral palsy each person different and thus needs specialized help or accomadation.Our "powers that be"are well intentioned but seem to miss the above understanding of specialized ipp-epp plans for a good quality of life and gainful rewarding employment and career advancement. I personally think our system for developmentally challenged and empowerment is a joke.We(developmenally challenged)Have difficulty in cognitive things ,directions ,sequencing,andgetting through the mazes of buracratic protocals which most average people dont understand either!I am quite gifted musically but I need help with business type things and do you think there is a program to help guide the developmenally challenged in the music industry,I haven't seen one but 100's of programs for pregnant teens ,ethnic ,refugeee,homeless,addictions but no programs to help us that truely are wanting to be self sufffient.Good article

  2. Hello California Kidd, I agree with you that there are different degrees of cp although in my mind we all have similar support needs and its the government who seem blind to this in terms of the services that are provided. I truly believe that it is a postcode lottery for services. What I mean is it totally depends where you live as to what help and services we can get, so where is the equality there I ask you, we all fight for equality but the services equality is a bigger battle we have to fight