01 August 2008

Being Different and Unique

Having Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability has taught me many lesson's in life. It has taught me to be grateful. It has taught me Patience's, and the capacity to handle delay, trouble, and for the most part not suffer or feel angry or upset at situations or experiences that have occurred in my life.

Yes, I have felt anger at moments. However, I found constructive ways to deal with my anger and disappointments. I learned to grow from these hurts and sadness. I found ways to compensate for my hurt feelings, my hopes, and my non fulfilment's. I found ways to ease that hurt and pain and learned to make and accept the best of it all. I learned to bounce back and go beyond, too!

I learned that all these experience's made me a better person and human being. These experiences taught me to feel very grateful for who I am and what all I have been through and accomplished in my life time. Not to say that it has been easy- because it hasn't! But I have learned to ride the roller-coaster and take the bumps! And, I have learned to count my blessing, give to other's what I have learned, and I have risen above what other people thought of me.

Being different and unique has shown and taught me how beautiful a person I really am. And, it has made me real aware of how unique I am! Being different, and unique, while having Cerebral Palsy is really and truly a gift! These uniqueness have left an indelible mark within my being. It has not only nourished me to be me. But It has nourished me to be the best person I could become, and has made me continually reach for my goals and dreams! It has brought out the kind, compassionate and giving part of me and my nature and made me different than the norm. It has enabled me to fight for whatever I thought was really right in my world, in my thoughts, and idea's and desires. It has made me a better human being in all areas of my life.

No matter what the feelings are, I will continue to be and stay the unique and different person that I am.


  1. I think I have had similar experiences with gratitude and patience. I feel like each small achievement is a gift.

    I also think it has taught me to empower myself. I have learned to set small goals and work on small goal after small goal until I have met my big goal.

    Thank you for this blog.

  2. Hi Dale and Karen,

    When I read your comment Dale about how you set yourself small goals, it was like I was kinda reading my own thoughts, the way i look at things is I used to write myself 3 sort of to do lists, but it was more list of what I can do, what I cant, and what are the things I can do to make the "I can't " into "I can". To be able to sort these out I used to set my set small goals and it didn't matter how many I had as long as it got me to the bigger picture, my main aim