20 August 2008

Nothing comes from wanting but doing

I am lucky My parents adopted me in 1973 after being their foster child for 7 yrs. The one problem being in care is: institutionalization. In this type of environment my needs were met but my social skills and self efficacy skills were not nutured. Being disabled I soon realized I was different and no one cared about my sense of self worth. All humans need nuturing and positive re-inforcement while in their pre cognitive learning stages. We should be more active in goal setting and allow children in care to become more self determined to choices.If social services had taught me to ask for things and allowed me to make choices rather then just controlling lives and being the "all knowing" state agency. I believe with no uncertency that I would today be more in control and more empowered to take action in self determining my goals and dreams .So when you r wondering what to do when lost or you just dont know where to turn ,call an agency that may deal with that issue and dont allow them to blow you off ,be persistant and understand you deserve better and if you network enough you will prevail.I'm 49 and still going after my dream of being a recording artist . I plan on pursueing and starting a program for disabled musicians to be seen and heard by studio executives as mandated in the federal disabilities act . We need representation at all levels of Government the larger the group the more people wil change policies.

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