31 August 2008

Portable Wheelchair Helps Improve Quality Of Life

by Jeff Glasser

A portable wheelchair may vastly improve a person’s quality of life, in the important role that mobility plays in the lives of many of those with physical handicaps. Allowing them to get out and about with the need for someone else to move them around, a portable wheelchair can give them the independence they need and desire to help them live with more freedom. Nearly every government building and places of business with the passage of the American Disability Act, have made wheelchair access a requirement and is offering the benefits to those unable to walk on their own.

In the not-so-distant past, wheelchairs were large and bulky, restricting their use to the person’s home or medical facility in which they were confined. Their freedom to move about was restricted by the size of these unwieldy contraptions and being able to get out of the confines of their home was vastly limited. With the introduction of the portable wheelchair, their freedom to enjoy a better life was increased.

Many of the folding models can be stored in the trunk of most vehicles and are light enough for the average person to lift. The handicapped person can use their wheelchair to get into a vehicle and again when they arrive at their destination. Most major companies also offer the free use of their own portable wheelchair, ending the need for many to take their own with them.

Helping The Handicapped Improve Their Mobility

With the use of a portable wheelchair, many patients find that getting in and out of their own home more like a barrier to the outside world. Even those with a ramp on their homes to get outside may be stymied in using their portable wheelchair at their location. If they use a van, listing it in and out of the cargo area can be a weighty proposition unless the vehicle is equipped with a portable wheelchair ramp.

Their ability to be used in more than one vehicle is one of many advantages of these devices. Some vehicles are equipped with permanent ramps to allow portable wheelchair users to get in and out of their own vehicles, but if they must ride with someone else, they may not have that option. The use of a portable wheelchair will remain restricted to areas in which they can be operated with ease, but in today’s handicapped-friendly environment, their use is becoming more readily accepted.

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