01 August 2008

Poor Standards and Self Education

One of the thing I have always struggled with is the argument between the help I felt I needed, and that which helpers were willing to give me. This was particularly true with my education. I have struggled for many years as you have heard me write about because I didn't receive the help I truly needed. People either got to much or too little of what they really needed. Especially today, where there is very little concern for individual learning styles and needs.

Educator are too worried, anxious, and obsessed with target and memorization. Leaving out the most important concepts to build not only skill, and memorization, but self-confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, because I was not getting the help I needed, I had to find other sources and ways to thrive, learn, and retain. My educators, had little understanding of my potential.

Later, I had to fight for the right, to learn, and to go to college, to fill all the empty spots I had not learned in twelve years of education in the educational system. What is wrong with this picture? Today, the educational system has not gotten any better. So my dear readers, and friends, we must forge forward, stay motivated, and educate ourselves though travel, reading, and conversation. However, there is far more to be learned.

I had learned a great deal from my own experience, and thoughts I worked with while doing adaptive aerobics and Yoga. The journey is not over my friends. Yet I think we are turning a corner. Every time I write I am learning from you, as you are from me. The computer is the greatest tool for interaction and learning this world has known.

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