29 March 2008

Walking back to health or should that by climbing

Well this week I have slowly been coming back together and have been walking about as much as I could manage, to try and boost myself. I have just been taking it slowly because as the saying goes you have to learn to crawl before you can walk, but in my case it's learn to walk before I can run!!!.

Each day I have manged to walk for a little bit longer and yesterday I think I had walked more than I had in a while, because I had walked during the day at work but then went for my Physio after work. It was only when I was in physio when I realised that I have slipped backwards slightly so have a mountain to climb to get back to the top.

I started off with the gym ball in the bars which was fine at first but then my physio had to support me as my balance was off, which just shows how things can change because last time I did it on my own. Hey ho I will get back there don't worry (Rome wasn't built in a day) then we went down into the main part of the hospital so that I could practice on the stairs. My physio said get back in your chair and we will go and try them, but no you know me I said no I will walk it will be easier!!. Oh boy had I forgot where the stairs were it was a fair walk, well fair by the fact that I had already been doing some work in the bars so was a bit tired. Maybe I should of taken her offer of my chair after all, but then the chair would of won and I wanted to cross the finish line so to speak on two feet.

I turned into the ward and there was a side room where the stairs were, they were the same steps as I had worked on before, but some how it felt different I had initially completely gone back to my old habits, but my physio didn't say anything first off, then I turned to go to down and I just couldn't do it down the steep side, so lifted myself back up and went down the side I had just come up.

By the time I had tried it the second time I got up reasonably easier and even my physio said you are becoming more agile, it was like you could physically see the messages going down the pathways. I then had a rest for 5 minutes and then we tried something that I have never done, which is coming down on my backside, I climbed up to the one before the landing step, and using the rails, slowly lowered myself down so that I was sat on the top step, there I was siting quite easy legs out in front and supporting myself and then I followed the instructions and slowly brought myself down the steps. When I got to the bottom I thought how am I going to stand from this position, but my physio had already read my mind and got a chair and place it at the side of the stairs, and I got myself up by one step and took hold of the rail and the the chair arm, and with a minimal of support I pulled myself up to standing.

Then the fun started, after I had had a brief rest to connect myself again, I turned to face the stairs again and turned to come down, but this time used one of my crutches instead of the rail. This was odd to me because my head was telling me to step then bring stick down, but my physio said bring stick first then step down, at first I just stood at the top and looked and she said no trust me it's stick first then leg, so I trusted her and started to come down, but then we got to the one last one and I ran out of rail and I thought I don't know what to do, because I could see my other stick on the floor, but she said, bring the stick down and step, I said no I can't work it out I need the other stick then I can step down, she said no you won't be able to, then she looked at me as I was smiling, which tells her I can do it, she then relented and gave me the stick and stayed in front of me so that I didn't fall, and sure enough I used the stick and stepped down, and she just laughed, because she knew that was my way and it worked for me, OK it might not by the correct physiotherapy way, but she knows that I trust her 100% and she does me so the relationship works.

We then walked back up to the physiotherapy department and were talking say that it was going to be feasible that I could use the stairs if I had too in time, we just got to work hard on it because I was not ready for it now.

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