25 March 2008

Happy 90th Birthday Archie!!!!!!

Well what I great weekend we have had, especially yesterday when the whole family got together for Grandads birthday, we had a great little party for him. I am sure he loved it with everyone together, we had lots of cake and drink even Mum managed in her chair, Mum and I thought he might get a bit upset as he hasn't seen her since her op, but he was fine.

I did want I had planned to do also which I was pleased about, I had been working on my walking so that I could walk on the day and I did it, I know Grandad likes to see me walking. He thinks the frame I use is great the fact that it moves from side to side amazes him. Presents were sent from Aunty Hilda and Uncle Stan (Grandads brother) in Canada, but as we call them Laurel and Hardy. Mind you we all call him Archie, why you may ask well its because my cousin when she was little christened him Archie Bald because of his bald head, and it's stuck ever since.

All I can say is Happy Birthday Archie!!!!!!!!!!!!

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