14 March 2008

Physiotherapy went really well

Well Physio on Wednesday went really well, and I am starting too feel better. It was like a family outing on Wednesday, because Mum went for her physio on the morning and she seems to be improving week by week. As far as her pain is concerned I think but darent think out loud but I think the phantom pains are not as severe, what I mean is she doesn't appear to be in as much pain, unless shes hiding it well, but she knows she can't hide much from me. I am so pleased for her because she has suffered so long with it.

Mum came home at lunchtime and I left to go to my Physio, it was like ships that pass in the night, but in our case it was wheelchairs. While I was waiting in the waiting area, my aunty came in as she was also having physio, following an operation.

My Physio session was really quite good, after having some treatment on my ribs, I went and did quite a bit of gentle work in the bars and with the Gym ball. It was nice to be back to working and I am hoping to build up in the next couple of weeks so that I can get back to where I was last year and I want to go passed there if I can. I know that my Physio knows that when I but my mind on something there is no stopping me!!!, I feel that I am getting my mind back on track so I know the rest will follow.

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