06 March 2008

Key performance goals

This might seem like an odd title but this what I am going to but in place over next few months I think so I can measure how well I am doing, because recently I seem to be sliding somewhat in terms of my mobility, I have had a couple of bad weeks in terms of my mobility due to the fact I damaged my ribs recently so as you can imagine I am finding that rather painful at the moment. I am going for Physiotherapy tomorrow so hopeful I should start and feel better than I do. One thing leads to another and without realising it because I am doing more generally I am spending more time in my wheelchair, which in turn doesn't help when I try and walk about now.

Monday was the first time I had really walked about (all be it slowly) and I was really tired (although I did do it ) just purely because it has been a while since I have walked any distance. I am therefore hoping to build up slowly back to where I was last year and be back on a high, because I don't like feeling tired. I have set myself a goal to work on stairs when I have recovered from my damaged ribs, this is so that I can walk down the flight of stairs at work, it the lift break so that I don't have to use the Evac chair in a non emergency that is

This is going to be a key goal for me and I know I will achieve it!!!!!!!

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