20 March 2008

Easter is here

Well what a really good day I have had again today, so I must be getting better. Anyway last night I booked another night out this time at Billingham Forum to go and see the Meat Loaf tribute in April. I went to see him a while ago and he was great and when I saw it advertised I sprang into action to book my wheelchair space.

Easter is here again and what a busy day I have had as have been hunting around for a special card as it's my granddad's 90th birthday, 90 I cant believe it and he's fitter that me!!!!

Easter brings back some great memories for me, the most vivid ones being the time I used to spent with my Aunty painting eggs. We used to put loads of newspaper on the big kitchen table and she would get all of her poster paints out and I used to have fun painting then will different designs. My Aunty was much better than I was and she used to paint Easter bunnies or characters from Beatrix Potter and then give them to the kids in the family. Each year she would paint a different theme and or what ever the kids favourite thing was at the time. I to this day still have my Middlesbrough FC one now that's going back a few years now, but it still looks as good as it did when it was done. I know this year she has painted Dora the explorer and a few new characters.

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