14 March 2008

Day out planned with great success

Yesterday, Mum and I decided that we would have a day out, considering I have been on holiday this week. I was up for it of course, and this would be the first time Mum had been out for a long time and the first time she had been out in her chair, so we decided that as this was the first outing we would go to Peter Barretts Garden Centre as it wasn't too far and there's plenty to look at. I rang my taxi firm and ordered 2 wheelchair taxis and then we were off, Mum was a bit nervous I think travelling in the chair but she arrived first then I pulled up behind.

When I got out I thought yes we have achieved the first step, now lets see how we manage. We took it slowly Mum pushing her chair and me behind in my power one. It wasn't tooo busy so Mum managed ok, then we got to the different displays and Mum was wheeling rather slow, and I thought ah she is tired, but no she was worried she would knock something.

After we had browsed all the clothes, we noticed that the resturant wasn't too busy so we dived in and the staff were a great help because it would of been a bit hard to carry the trays, but they were great and took the stress out of it. So there we were Mum having dinner and me having BBQ chicken it was very nice but we couldn't finish it.

After Mum had had a rest we then went outside to look at the plants and the fun bit was I could see Mum struggling a little bit so there was a clear path and I went up behind her in my chair and put my feet on the back of her chair and gently moved forward, thus pushing her forward. We then had another look around and then got the taxi's back home. We were both shattered and before I knew it Mum was asleep on the sofa and I was laid in my recliner and watched a thriller. A great day had by all

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