08 March 2008

Mum doing ok

It's now two months since Mum had her surgery, and apart from the phantom pains she is doing well, and when she goes for her limb assessment in April, her experiences will change again. I think she is coping with the chair and I don't think she realises how well she has done.

Although the last couple of years have been so stressful for me particularly when she was ill, I can now see a small light at the end of the tunnel, it is so nice have the Mum relationship back, and I don't have to be constantly worried, like I have been because it has been taken away so she has a second bite of the cherry of life, and I have to a certain degree, although at this moment in time it doesn't quite feel like that. I know in time once I gain my strength back I will be back on cloud nine. I can remember feeling like this a couple of years ago and I managed to come back from it and I know I can again, for the simple reason I know I have people who will help and support me all the way

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