08 March 2008

Feeling a little better

Well I had my Physiotherapy yesterday, and although I was feeling really sore, I have to say now I have slept on it today I feel a bit better. I suppose you could say when it comes to inquiries I don't do things by half, I think my Physio has sleepless nights when I ring to say I have a problem. Now that I have the problem with my ribs it is very hard to treat in my case just because I back is the way it is there is not a lot of exercises can be done because of the lack of movement. I did have a course of pulse shortwave therapy and although you don't feel anything while it's happening I can breath a little easier this morning.

I am going back on Wednesday to see how things are going and I think I am in for a couple of intensive sessions because I feel that I am starting to go back over and just feel generally not quite right, when I mentioned this to her, she replied it's not really surprising considering what you have been through of late, but don't worry I will work with you and you will be back to where you were and I know you will put the work in because you always do.

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