21 March 2008

I think Mum is coming to terms with things

Well I think we have started to turn a corner in terms of Mum coming to terms with things, mind you if I ask her directly she always says no not really. The reason I think she is but without realising it, happened on Wednesday when she went for her Physio. When she got there, a new lady had joined the group and mum greeted her and they chatted, then the penny dropped, Mum said "I know you don't I" the lady replied "yes we were in the same room on the ward" ah that's it!! after that they chatted like old friends and had a laugh. When Mum was telling me I knew straight away who it was, she was a great laugh and they helped each other through.

Mum went on to chat with her and share her own experiences of what its been like for her and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The minute she told me that I thought Yes!!! Mum is starting to talk about it in terms of telling others what its like, which to me shows subconsciously that shes coming around too it without realising

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