19 March 2008

Good Day today

Well its Wednesday, which means it's Market day in Stockton!!! and today it was really busy with people buying this and that, it was great to see it really busy, I think it was the good weather today has brought people out. During my dinner break I went for a browse and bought some lovely roses made from wood shavings, dyed in a range of lovely colours. I also went to the Arc to book some tickets to see

Bobby Thompson

Written and performed by Peter Peverly

Saturday 16th May


Five foot nowt and seven stone wet through – in his flat cap and bagging jumper – Bobby Thompson’s Woodbine smoking “Little Waster” alter ego became a folk hero across the North East. Yet this hid a man troubled by drink, gambling debts and the taxman.

Its 20 years since Bobby dies, so don’t miss the return of this touching, heartfelt and very funny celebration of the life and work of this comic legend. From his fame as a radio star in the 50’s to his doomed T.V. series in the 60’s, and then his climb back to the top in the 70’s when he became king of clubland.

This is a must for all those who loved little Bobby.

“Peter slips with ease from narrator to bobby by simply putting on a cloth cap” Metro NE

I can't wait as I loved Bobby Thompson and he was Dad's favourite, I remember I bought him the video of the Little Waster one Christmas, and he was bent double laughing virtually crying

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