04 September 2008

What does your life speak?

I've often wondered about the way my life speaks. For example in everyday life, do people see me as someone they'd like to invest time in? Am I honest enough with people that I meet? Do I talk to much? Do I care enough?

This is just a small list of what I've been asking myself as of late. I've reflecting on my life, my actions and I wonder what they say to the world around me. This is a very tough subject because it requires to look within ourselves and ask honest questions.

Often we reflect we tend to notice the small things, that we tend to ignore. We never really let ourselves make eye contact with anyone for more than a spit second, are eyes re direct to the ground or the nearest thing to us.

And this is true is it not?

I mean what would happen if we actually allowed ourselves to make eye contact with someone, and not be afraid to smile... or if the person has some form of birth defect on their face, could not honestly look at this person as a human being , instead of pretending to look at them, when really were looking past them?

I've found that before we can even think about honestly caring about the world we live in, we have got to start with ourselves. Because you cannot. lead people to having a hope that does not exist in your own life.

I realize that this may seem difficult. But thats because nothing that truly leads us to the freedom to live our lives. Never comes easy.. It requires sacrifice, change, brutal honest with ourselves and the people around us. And to tell you the honest to god truth, for most people I believe this will never happen in one life time because, we are often afraid to do the work of sorta through the pain.

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