03 September 2008

Feeling fed up with my CP today

I dont normally moan, but i just dropped my dinner cos my wrist gave way while i was carrying it - the dogs had chicken pasta salad for dinner!

I Had a bad fall a few weeks ago and hurt my back, its so bad now its making me unhappy and often cross with frustration.

Had a run in with my sister last weekend - i spoke to Susie about it and would be interested in your thoughts. After struggling up the stairs of my friends house where she is staying i couldnt make the landing step. She had a massive go at me about giving up and ending up in a wheelchair. When i went to sit down to do it on my bum, she grabbed my arm and said "no you don't do it with dignity" I was, and still am, crushed. That coming from my own sister broke my heart. The more i think about it, the more i am starting to realise that that probably meant that she was embarrassed to see me on the floor.

I read tracy's blog about her pregnancy - tracy if u read this i would love to talk to you babe - u are so strong!

Love to you all

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