07 September 2008

BBC See Hear: Deaf parents experiences wanted!

Deaf Parenting UK and BBC See Hear are working together to make a programme on Deaf Parents and their experiences to highlight the issues they faces in accessing to services.

Sabina Iqbal, Chair/Founder of Deaf Parenting UK explained: "As our aim is about enabling, empowering and supporting Deaf parents, we need your experiences as Deaf Parents accessing to mainstream services across maternity care, accessing to health, children's education and many more etc. We encourage Deaf Parents to share their experiences, both negative and positive so we can put forward stories and highlight the issues faces by Deaf Parents."

Angela Spielsinger, researcher for BBC See Hear added: "We are keen to hear your experiences on the attitudes of medical professionals towards deaf parents who have hearing and Deaf child/ren. As Deaf adults have a 90% chance of having hearing children and what support they actually received from the professional."

"I would be grateful if you as a Deaf parents who have faced these issues and please feel free to contact me if you are interested."

Please submit your experience urgently to angela.spielsinger@bbc.co.uk or info@deafparent.org.uk.

To learn more, please visit Deaf Parenting UK: www.deafparent.org.uk or email info@deafparent.org.uk

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