04 September 2008

The Friction of Poverty and Comfort

We all the the feeling. The raging hunger within our stomach, when this occurs the most known response is food. We eat until our stomachs are full. Some of us will eat whatever is in front of us, others are picky and are very selective as to what they will put in their bodies.

Which is sometimes not such a bad thing. What we put into our bodies matter. When we eat matters. Food it essential for life. I've been really weak the past few days, and have been kinda ill. And my mom has told me over and over the body needs food, like a car needs gas.

And I've been reading about amazing people like mother T and Shane Claiborne. Two very amazing people that are inspiring me and shaping my eyes and molding my heart. I know I'm about to step on shaky ground here, but in the world we live in there is povery everywhere.

If one ever wanted a definition of what a demon or devil is, I'd call it poverty. Because, it has to deal with every day needs, food, water, clean bathrooms and first-aid kits. And its also a condition of the heart. The richest person in the world could have everything he dreamed of having, and there is still this terrible feeling and sadness with in him. (or her)

Our society is divided in classes, and it often defines our lives. This breaks my heart because we never actually know those who are defined by such a standard. They have a name, a past and a family that's either dead or alive.

I don't mean this to sound morbid. But there're those who's family lay in the dirt. And what about the food we throw away on a daily basis or the amount of food we order at a fast food joint and only eat half and toss the rest?

I'm not trying to make anyone loath themselves to death, the totally is not the point that I'm aiming for here. My point is essentially that everything is super sized, churches and value meals and shopping malls.

What if we lost all this?

What if those of us who attend Church, had to dig a very small underground cave with very little our in order to live in community and share each others burdens, all the while taking the huge risk of being killed?

Could you even be happy that way?

And again if you are a follower of Christ, what if the way we viewed "Church" actually was so shaken up we started to get really uncomfortable? We'd start to get a little ADD, and not be able to sit in a pew for song long, because people in the world need us.

I was reading a story about how Shane Claiborne spent an entire summer with Mother T. (Read The Irresistible Revolution, very good book so far. Shane reminds me of my buddy Garret).

Shane would spend the summer helping those who were about to die, die with dignity. I found this to be very, very attractive. Because I now believe that it is often the small things that make us feel human again.

What broke my heart is that the kids in the story would cut themselves, just so they could get some attention, love and affection. I mean, what kid doesn't want that? What person doesn't want that?

I know I'm not the only one in this world who thinks this now. And the idea was brought onto me than none other than, yes you guessed it! Shane claiborne. But what if there was not such a hatred between the rich and the poor?

I mean, yes the truth is there are those who just refuse to go out and get a job. So they spend time hitting the bottle. But there are people who really can't do a single thing about their living condition.

We Christians even shun the homeless person, who looks at the food their eating as the growl gets louder and he hopes that it isn't so loud that everyone can hear it. And then the Christians say in the midst of silence: "So what version of the bible are you reading"? (this happens, yes it does)

The only prayer that rests on my heart is that we would all be woken up to the world around us. Everyone wants to do great big things with their lives, and I do to. But good old Mother T (Mother Teresa) is changing my perspective.

She was said that: "We are not meant to great things, we are meant to do small things will great love".

This is hard for us, because it commands are full attention and energy and emotion. Again, this writing is NOT aimed at making those who have nice things feel bad. but rather a honest attempt at looking at humanity.

Jesus once said "Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for they will inherit the kingdom of God". I've always thought of this as a way of Jesus giving the poor a comfort. But now I'm thinking that he was serious and very literal.

When we go out and we help those who feel down and feel for me at peace with themselves. When we show love with all of our hearts. God's kingdom happens then and there it crashes through the chains of poverty

So I think.. In my eyes now the Kingdom of God is now. It is not about going so place else so much. but making the home we have a safer and healthy place.

Thank you for reading and take care of yourselves.

-Brandon-The Writer

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