04 September 2008


A very profound truth has clicked me this morning. I woke up this morning and stuck in my headphones to my head phones to my Ipod, and listened to a teaching by Matthew Creek, he is a very wise man and is an ex doctor. He spoke about time, and how it seems to humanity how we have no time.

Now, think about this with me for a few minutes. How often does this excuse fall from our lips? Very often I believe. We are all guilty of this. It is estimated that in the United States alone there're 30 billion clocks. Clocks in our computers, TV's, Dish Washers, Microwaves, Stereos and countless other item.

We even where watches on our wrists, that conveniently tells us what time it is. I am starting to believe that most of creation, meaning us. Is being killed by time. What I mean is, for those of us who are single, and with every birthday that passes.We start tending to believe that we are running out of time to finds someone to spend the rest of our lives with.

Then there're those of us who are trying to figure out all the mysterious way of the world, before we go six feet under. What I mean by that, we are always searching for answers to why certain things happen in our lives. And even more so to the other countries around us.

As if will never be okay with our lives, with our maker. Until we get some answers. What if you find out that there is no answer to certain things in life.

Could you still believe life can be enjoyed?

Could you even go on living?

Could you somehow, some way be find a way to let go of the need for control?

And if you, never found an answer to a haunting question in your life... Would you still believe in hope?

Better yet. What would you do with the time that you do have?

Its as though we are in this race against the clock, and its killing us. It really is. How many conversations are cut short because you had to be somewhere else? Some of us might have the desire to help contribute to the redemption of our world.

Which is great, it really is. But let me ask another question. What are you doing with the time that you have in order to do that? Maybe you have these talents locked away inside of you, that have been there for years. But you are afraid of really stepping out and using them, you have time to start using them.

Which now brings up the phrase: "You don't know what tomorrow may bring." Very true, tomorrow could be the time when I walk to my grave (I sure hope not) but even if we had one year or even one hundred or maybe even one more day you still have the time to do something so amazing.

There is so much freedom is this, and I hope and pray that you see it. There is so many layers to this, and it goes so deep. Even for me this becomes so personal. Which makes me want to draw back to the phrase that we reflected on earlier:

"I don't have time".

I was talking to my best friend Garret yesterday, and before we hung up the phone. He said something that burned deep within my soul. He said: "I don't want to be that kind of person, so I always try and answer my phone". Now I know to you this may sound so small. But for me this was so rich in love and grace, because a majority of the time I get a voice mail.

To always "make time" to answer your phone, for a friend who feels like their and their wits end in life. And so you spend ex amount of hours on the phone with them because you really do care for their well being. I want to be the kind of person who does not hide behind a vocation that sucks up my "time".

I want to live a life that spends my time well, and my vocation becomes about investing time in people and being a light in a dark place. This is time well spent. I'm not saying that we can't have fun with life, thats not what I'm saying at all.

In fact if we learn to take deep breathes every now and then, and not let time consume us. And let OURSELVES consume time. Life will be fun, life with be beautiful and more poetic and rich. And it will be on earth as it is in Heaven.

So may we learn to stop.
May we open our eyes.
May we learn to communicate better.
May we close our eyes to sleep, and wake refreshed.
Let us consume our hands with the work of redemption,
and may everything we touched be filled with ever lasting grace.

Be still and learn today.

-Brandon The Writer.

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