06 September 2008

In the gym!!!!

What a great week in the gym this week, you may remember that I have started to use some of the machines last week well this week I progressed one step further and was allowed to try them with some weights behind them. I had to keep stopping as it was making my back a little sore, but once I rested enough in between each set the soreness went quickly and I was surprised how well I had done to even move them and my trunk rotation is improving a lot as well. Although I can’t twist using my mid trunk I can now actually rotate just above where I am fused so therefore allowing new movement that I have not experienced before. It is an odd feeling and I am sure I will get my head around it soon. I then went over to one of the therapy beds to do some one on one work with my physio, we worked on some exercises with the wobble cushion and a walking stick, this was so we could work on my dynamic control, although my core control is good my dynamic control needs some work doing to help me understand better all the new movements my body is undergoing and to make them stronger and more stable. I couldn’t believe how much I was able to stay upright on the cushion when doing the exercises with the stick, normally I would of slid to one side during the first one but I balanced quite well, during the exercises it became apparent that my left side needs a bit of work as its a bit weak in comparison to my right side which is my dominant side. I explained to her that I have just bought a Wii and she was really pleased and said it was one of the best things to come out on the market and thinks I will do very well with it, I have to say since I started with it I have really enjoyed it its exercise with the fun element fun because you don’t realise you are exercising.

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