04 September 2008

Life is stronger than death.

Life is beautiful. Life is tragic and I've recently heard it said that life is stronger than death. This statement is strong and furious in many ways, it can bring out the courage that we thought we never had.

Life is also what we make of it. These words really used to really anger me because the times when I'd screw up the worst. That the rest of life is screwed up, or might be. When I didn't know that there was indeed more to life than depression and hate.

Everyday to me would be the same. Until some one or something brought so light into my day, or the moment I was in. Then the rest of my day would pan off of that one singular moment.

And if we are to be honest, this is what life is like for a very vast majority of us. Moments can make or break our days. Its true and you know it. Yesterday my parents took me to meet this guy named Jay who my parents bought my new awesome bike from.

When my eyes locked on Jay something about him really captured my heart. As we walked into his very small home. Bike parts filled nearly his entire home, along with a massive amount of old records.

Jay kept making subtle hints that he is a cook at a convent. (I think maybe he wanted us to know he was Catholic and that maybe he loved the same Jesus as I did.) But in time Jay confided to my family and I that was very much visual impaired.

He had applied for some type of coverage and he kept getting denied. (I know this all to well) So my heart began to really extend to Jay. He even plays in a Jazz band and plays guitar. That was a bonus.

Jay had me sit down on what I now call "Turbo" my new three wheel bike. I loved it. It felt right to me, Jay would get close to me to see how big my feet were for the toe clips, which hold my feet in place. As he did this, his breathed smelled of beer.

As I was sitting there on my bike, the word that came to mind was grace. As he made frequent trips from his basement to the living room in which I sat adjusting my toe clips. He told us about how the Nuns would say "Jay, even though you have a very hard time seeing already, at least you have some of your vision".

Which is true without a doubt. Its a very simple, and not very profound at all. But here is a man that works hard at a honest living, preparing bikes for people like me that very rarely ever get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, much less on a bike.

Jay is giving me and others a chance at life and freedom. And I am so thankful for all he is doing. I know God loves him and wants to hug him and meet his needs. Jay is God's and God is his.

He also confided in us that just a few days ago, he had lost his farther. And this where I was reminded of the words of Shane Claiborne: "Life is stronger than death". Which I'll probably get tattooed on my other arm in the distant future.

Jay has inspired me in ways he will never ever know. Life is indeed stronger than death my friends. We just have to get over ourselves, in the fact that we hide our hearts and stories from the world because we are afraid of people seeing us as we really are.

When we can stand on our own to feet, with our heads held high. And know that we are beautiful regardless of the path that rests behind us. This is a life that can never get old, it can never get old. Because we are alive and today is what we live for. And death, is when we know we have lived a life that will be remembered forever.

Grace and Peace.

-Brandon The Writer

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