28 September 2008

Sunday is my rest day

Well it has been a while since I have updated readers, therefore as its Sunday my day of rest, what better time than now to tell you what’s been happening of late. I am please to say I have now moved back into a ground floor building, sharing the reception area, although I am not in the main office with the rest of my team I am happy to be back at ground zero and safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to worry about the lift breaking down, which in turn allows me to concentrate fully once again on my work and not whether I am going to have to be lifted out, so it is best all round and I am happy again.

How are other things, well Mum is doing really well and is walking longer distances, not only that but she is able to stand unaided for a couple of seconds, which is fantastic, to her it probably feels a life time but I am so proud of how far she has come in a short space of time. Last week Mum and I went to see my Granddad in the wheelchair accessible taxi, I use the same taxi to go to work and believe me it turns a few heads while its on the road, not only because people seem fascinated when they see a wheelchair coming down the ramps, but more so because it is bright blue with big flowers on it. I know what you might be thinking “why has it got big flowers on it ?” and to answer this its that its to advertise the Smoke Free campaign, the company have nicknamed it the love bus as it just looks like one of those buses from the 60’s. Granddad thought it was great, I think it impressed him that we could travel in our chairs.

This week as been great in terms of my Physiotherapy I have been doing a lot of work in the gym, both on the machines and doing different exercises with some of the smaller equipment, this weeks challenge was to test my sitting balance a step further, to do this I needed to sit on the wobble cushion, this is a task in itself, but anyway this week I was given a dumbbell to try. The ideas being that I had to remain on the cushion and slowly lift the dumbbell straight up till my arm was straight and then bring it down slowly, I managed two sets of 10 and only wobbled once, but it didn’t throw my balance complete which was good. My Physio was really pleased as to how much my balance has improved, even from two weeks ago.

Following this I went into the bars and did some work on side bending, which I find a little hard work, mainly because I have always thought that when you have a metal rod in spine you can’t bend in this way, but I now realise that since my Bowen therapy it is possible to do this. Although I can’t fully bend granted I can bend a certain amount, and that certain amount is enough to be able to carry out the exercise and feel the benefit, and that’s what it’s about.
I then had a walk in the gym on my crutches, and it was like walking on air, I was hardly putting any weight through my crutches and yet it felt like I was running and again my Physio was impressed.

I asked the question that if I am able to walk like this without weight baring with crutches what is stopping me from dropping them and just walking away so to speak, and initially we both aren’t sure but we going to do some research and investigation and see if we can come up with the answer. We then went back into the bars to do some balance work taking one hand off and putting it back, and then the surprise came in that we tested the balance a step further and was asked “if I was to stand and balance holding with one hand which hand would I use,?” I replied that it would be my left hand, “ok then lets try something” “take hold of the bar with your left hand organise your body so you are standing straight and then see if you can walk along just holding with that hand and try and put other hand down beside you”

I did this and walked up the bars and turned and walked back and we were both impressed, so much so that she went into the therapy area to see if my Bowen therapist was available to come and see what a massive improvement was going on, so when he came into the Gym I set off in the bars again and turned and came back to him, he was beaming, I haven’t seen him for a while now but he agreed that something special was starting to occur. I then walked to him on my crutches and the first thing he had noticed was that I wasn’t leaning as far forward compared to when he last saw me walking, which is great. I can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks to see how far I have progressed again.

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