07 September 2008

Emmerdale are thrilled to led support to Deaf Parenting UK

Emmerdale, a popular ITV British Soap have joined Deaf Parenting UK and led their support of our work.

Sabina Iqbal, Chair/Founder of Deaf Parenting UK welcomed the news: "Deaf Parenting UK is delighted to have Emmerdale's support and recognition of our work and the needs of Deaf Parents in UK. We continue to work hard on limited budget and vastly on voluntary basis, to raise the profile of Deaf Parenting UK to the mainstream as well as championing the needs and rights of Deaf Parents in accessing to mainstream services without barriers."

Emmerdale' Spokesperson recognised the importance of Deaf Parenting UK, saying: "If you are a parent yourselves, it is challenging being a parent but for Deaf parents, it is even more challenging as information and services are not accessible for Deaf parents who use sign language as first/ main language.

"Little things like access to info during pregnancy, birth, the choices of labour/birth, planning the baby/child's first few years, their education ? choosing which school are often taken for granted where hearing parents can find out information from other parents, chatting to neighbours/ local network, local radio/ newspaper, TV as such but for Deaf parents, they miss out so many information and were often the last to know.

"Deaf Parenting UK is working hard to reach out to Deaf parents, enabling them to have confidence in being parents as well as to raise awareness of Deaf parenting issues among Deaf parents and professionals who work with them. Deaf Parenting UK also campaign for better access to services for Deaf parents in all aspect of parenting in the same way as other parents.

"For those reasons, all cast from Emmerdale Production Team are thrilled in support of Deaf Parenting UK and wish to highlight that Deaf parents should have the same opportunities in life as any other parents in accessing to information and services.

"We are in favour of the unique work that Deaf Parenting UK do and would urge everyone else to support Deaf Parenting UK by any means necessary."

To learn more, please visit Deaf Parenting UK: www.deafparent.org.uk

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