04 September 2008

A Hero In All.

I snooped around in the current events of the news the past few days. I don't really watch the news or keep up with political issues, for the simple fact that news.. Only reports bad things that happen in our world, and political parties seem to have nothing better to do than always find a way to one up each other for personal gain.

I can just see people brewing up a response to that previous line. I know, I know. I should care about who steps foot in the White House.. What president decides to keep his pants up or not, who decides and governs what direction our country takes etc etc.

What bothers me though is our society places all responseability on one person. No human being is a machine, we all bleed the same color. When we see a area that is going without attention, we point the finger so quickly. And fail to ask ourselves how we can help better our world.

We complain about social activists such as Bono, for entering in the AIDS crisis. We see him as the legendary rock star of the band U2, however he isn't just sitting on his millions of dollars. He's putting it to good use. He actually believes that he can make a difference, and that's something that I tip my hat off to him for.

Imagine if we all believed and felt the same way... What really could happen?

A point that I keep coming back to, is that we only live on this earth once. We don't get to choose some of the twists and turns that happen in life, but we do get to choose how to handle them. Take a risk, write a book. Tell the world your story and thoughts regardless of what you believe about life and existence.

Go spend time at a "old folks" home or something.. But please lets all stop rolling our eyes every time someone tries to be the hero. Even if its just for one day. After all a hero is what we all need.

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