01 May 2008

Bowen therapy going really well

Well as form the title you have probably guessed that my therapy is going well. I had my second session yesterday and it really was a gentle put intensive session, covering a lot of work. Firstly I transferred onto the bed, and this is where my Physio could see a difference, in the ease of which I had transferred, I have to say I had not really noticed. I then got into front lying position, which I have always found uncomfortable but bearable this week mind It did seem a little better. Anyway the Physio then started the treatment with the same movements on my spine hips legs and shoulders that I had in the first session, with breaks in between each movement, then I changed to laying on my back and he started to work a lot with my neck as he found last week and this week I was quite tight. There where quite a number of different movements some on my face and jaw.

After the session was over I then walked with him back to my chair and he was really please at how well I was walking with him, considering he had not seen me walked before. I then asked him if he seen an improvement in me and he agreed and said yes, you are becoming more level and there had been some changes in my spine (improvements).

I came home from that session and I felt really quite tired so went to bed early and I think it was one of the best night's sleep I have had in the last few weeks, result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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