21 May 2008

Beyond the Boundaries

This is turning out to be another amazing series, such an inspiration to everyone, I was having a bad day last Friday with my fall, and was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Then I settled down to watch the second installment of Beyond the Boundaries, believe me I didn't feel sorry for long. I can fully relate to all of the people doing the expedition, It was nice in a way to see them arguing and getting upset, because it proves that just because they are disabled people they too can have differences of opinions. Although it was great t4oo see that once they had aired those differences, how well they then pulled together and worked as a team, and that's what life is about, being able to work as a team.

I was sad to see Dale having to leave after his accident, he we doing amazingly well, and when he started to crawl up the next based, he was so determined too do it, no matter how knackered he was, it reminded me of how I used to crawl about for many years, and as he got a little higher the amount of effort was starting to show on him, but he did it.

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