30 May 2008

Assessment threw up some interesting things

Well I have had 4 sessions of Bowen therapy and I have to say I have seen some positive changes. This week my regular Physiotherapist carried out an assessment, as I have not seen he for a couple of weeks since starting the new therapy, so as you can imagine we were intrigued as to whether or not that had been any major improvements from her perspective, and guess what there have been (which I knew about). firstly she check out my knee flexion, which was a bit tight, although I explained that I had walked a fair bit today so that might be the reason. Anyway she let me settle a bit and tried it again and it was a little easier, so that test we passed, then I proceeded to walk full length on crutches and this is where both Physio's were surprised.

My Bowen therapist firstly because he had not seen me walking, but my main physio, was more pleased, because she had noticed like I have that my trunk is a lot straighter, but not only that she also picked up on the fact that I had less pelvis rotation, which I hadn't noticed, and because of that i wasn't using the rotation to step through making my gait more of a normal pattern.

We then proceeded to the gym and into the bars, where we tested out my ability to step up on the block, and this had also improved quite a bit, but what had surprised me was when I looked into the mirror I had noticed for the first time how much straighter I actually am now, before the therapy I had a definite lean, although I could correct it with some concentration in the passed, this time I didn't have too, which is a great step forward for me.

I then asked if I could test myself and try a walk with some walking sticks, I tried this a few months ago and I managed it but was a bit shaky and I wanted to see if I was still the same, and or if I was able to walk still. Although at first I was shaky, I did manage to walk further that I had originally with the minimal support.

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