26 April 2008

More Physio for Mum at home

Well today I jumped into action again and helped Mum with her Physio, and I have to say we managed to put her limb on a lot quicker this week, and it's only the second time I have done this. Mum seems to manage a lot better and managed a few steps this time, which is great, although after she had stood with the zimmer frame for a while I realised that it wasn't wide enough and she looked as if she was gripping hold for grim death.

I then helped her to sit and bend her limb and I went and got my reciprocal walker, mind don't worry I didn't let her try and walk with it, but it is a much wider base and as soon as she stood, she looked so much more balanced and relaxed a bit and I think it was because it was wider and more sturdy. All in all considering she has experienced her first fall 3 weeks ago she has improved in a short space of time, I can even see a difference from last week

Well done Mum from you personal Physio

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