15 May 2008

Bowen rides again

Well, what a strange day I am having, to say the least. Firstly I have been unable to get into work again due to the lift breaking down again. I was in and out of the taxi like a Yo-Yo yesterday first if was off, then it wasn't then when I got to work it was off again, so ended up going back home and I am at home now as it as broken again today.

Anyway if I was getting stressed yesterday I knew it wouldn't last too long as I had my third session of Bowen yesterday and since having it I have felt many changes and so look forward to the sessions. Yesterday was the first time I had been treated in the chair, this is because I find it difficult to be able to bend my knee in laying and therefore it makes it a challenge for the therapist to carry out the movement he wants too. Being in the chair was a little different but the treatment was just the same, we went back to the same moments that I had had in my first session, purely because I had had such profound changes soon after and we wanted to see if the same would occur again.

Well in answer to your thinking I have had some weird feelings and some funny results, by the fact that I came home after it did what I normally do on a night and jumped in the shower, and I mean jump, because I am finding that my transfers are getting so much easier and quicker. Following my shower, I noticed that when I stood up my trunk didn't seem to be as angled to the left as normal, and I just thought ah it's the way I am standing and so didn't think too much of it, and had an early night, I have to say I slept right through which was great.

Today I am still finding that my trunk is no where near angled to the left as normal, and it feels like my body has shifted some what, it is a funny feeling that I can't really say, only that I have a pulling feeling in my back. I decided to ring the hospital and speak to the therapist, I have a great relationship with all the staff there, and I can ring at anytime time to get advice and treatment. Anyway it seems that with this treatment, people can have a body shift feeling and its quite normal, so my worry was over, it is just my body adjusting to new positions and that's why my back is pulling some what.

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