24 May 2008

Bowen is super smashing!!!

Oops that's Jim Bowen, can't beat a bit of bully!!!, I suppose his famous catchphrase does have meaning, because my Bowen therapy is smashing, on talking to my therapist he has said that the results that I have had are profound and out of the group of people that he is treating I seem to be the one who has had quite profound results, and I have to agree with him.

This week he carried out work with my arms and hands to see if my range of movement and general strength could be improved, with me putting a lot of strain through my arms to be able to walk. It came apparent that the movement of my fingers on my left hand were a bit awkward to say the least, so he said to see what results I get over the next couple of days. That was on Thursday and it's now Saturday and I have to say I can move them a little easier, they are not moving as well as my right hand, but that is my dominate hand, but I am hopeful that they will continue to improve.

One thing I did notice yesterday, we went to a restaurant for lunch to celebrate my Manager's birthday, and I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese, and I was supprised that I had coped with eating it, and I didn't spill any, which for me is very good, because I can normally gaurentee that I will spill it down my front.

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